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A taste of Cuba: Faces, dreams and recipes

For many, a wrinkled face of an old woman with a cigar in her mouth is synonymous with Cuba. Or the old American cars in front of pastel-colored buildings. We all know those pictures, interspersed with a picture of Che, but is this really the Cuba of today? 

During my trip in Cuba, it struck me very quickly, how the population is a mix of Africans, Southern Europeans, and South Americans. This diversity of faces fascinates me a lot, but photographing people for me is not only about taking a good portrait, but also about immersing myself in the person. That’s why I decided to both photograph and interview people and I was struck and blown away by the Cubans kindness and openness. They were happy to talk to me about their dreams, their lives and hopes for the future. Many want to help build a better future for Cuba, while others want to leave Cuba and seek happiness in another country. 

What makes this book truly special is its blend of interviews, portraits, food recipes, and mood pictures. Through the voices of Cubans and their favorite dishes, you can connect with the heart of Cuba by recreating their meals and savoring their culture.

Join me in this exciting journey to reveal the soul of Cuba through the pages of this unique and heartfelt book.

The book is expected in the bookstore from 18 January 2024. If you want to secure a copy of the book, it can be pre-ordered here.

Price: Dkkr. 375,- / €50



Portraits, landscapes and mood pictures hang really nicely side by side in any home. Beautiful prints and beautiful motifs help to create a cozy home where you feel at home. Some pictures bring to mind previous holidays or places you want to visit. Other pictures give you a good feeling and make you happy to look at it.

As a photographer, I always try to find good subjects, whether I’m taking portraits or landscape photos. I use my eyes and notice even small things that could be interesting in the right perspective.

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