Hvem er Image4you?

To see a image, to capture a mood, a detail or a moment is the photographer’s most important mission. But too often these beautiful photos ends up in the photographer’s drawer without being seen, which is an incredible shame. was created precisely so that everyone can have the joy of having a beautiful photograph in their living room.

A beautiful photograph is transformed into exclusive photographic art when it is printed on the finest paper, which brings out the depth of the colors and the small details. Only 10 copies of each print are made, making it a unique and exclusive image.

Behind Image4you stands the photographer and adventurer Birgitte Røddik, who for the past 20 years has worked as an independent photographer within corporate portraits and advertising photography. In addition to his work as an independent photographer, she is constantly working on new projects that will result in new beautiful photographs.

Lately she took on an adturer for 4 months, spending time in Cuba. She has made a beuatiful coffeetable book based on interviews and portraits of the people she met on her way around Cuba.

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