A taste of Cuba


A Coffee-table book with stories told by Cubans and photos which hopefully will make you dream of Cuba.

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Dive into the soul of Cuban culture with the book “A taste of Cuba “.

With this book, I would like to tell the story of how people help to slowly change Cuba and the system, to tell why so many stay in Cuba or come back after living abroad. Cuba is having a hard time, economically it is a poor country, and there is a lack of many basic things, but after talking to so many people, I also see a change and hope ahead. It will take time, but the Cubans are used to fighting and they have patience. They have been through so much and they are still here. Through my interviews, I have also seen how Cubans do not give up, they fight and greatly appreciate the social elements in life.

This book is not a precise and accurate account of Cuba but see the book as my love for this wonderful and beautiful country, whose most important and best resource is its people. I hope that the book will be the subject of conversation around the table and that you will immerse yourself in the pictures and the various interviews, maybe even make some of the wonderful dishes that are based on people’s favorite dishes. And perhaps even want to visit Cuba one day.


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